Growing your Landscape Design business Doesn't Have to be Hard

Most Landscape websites don’t see any return on investment and it shouldn’t be that way. Sure, a website gives you an online presence and is often a new customer’s first impression of your business, but if the website isn’t generating leads for your business, something is terribly wrong.

Our #1 goal is for you to be successful. After all, when we make you successful, we’ll be successful too.

We exclusively serve Landscape Architecture/Design businesses, which is why we are really good at creating a specific strategy that gets results based on your unique business goals

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What to Expect

We know there are plenty of companies you can choose from. At the same time, we are proud of the experience we have created for our clients which makes it hard to match anywhere else. When you choose us to help take your business to the next level , you can expect:

Direct Access to your growth consultant

Ongoing communication about your progress

Simple Terms (so you don't have to learn internet marketing just to speak to us!)

A stress-free experience​

No surprises (well, unless we have a good one for you!)​

About StartingLeaf

Hi, I'm Jim Graziano, a Web Designer & SEO Strategist. With a degree in Soil & Water Science and a passion for the environment & beautiful outdoor living areas, I have chosen to focus my talents on the Landscape Industry.

My passion is fueled by the beautiful results that Landscape Design creates. I think of places like Disney World, The Broadmoor Hotel, and the cozy feeling that is created by simply hanging out with friends and family on a beautiful patio.

The Landscape Design industry, like every industry, has its own unique challenges. But something I keep noticing is how hard it can be for a business owner to get straight answers, and more importantly solid results from their online marketing efforts.

Everyone knows they need a website and has heard that they need to improve their "SEO," but there's so much noise out there that it becomes confusing at best to be able to make the right choices when it comes to who you trust for these services.

How do you know if this stuff really is working? Plus, how do you focus on what you're good at and really need to be doing when you have to constantly divert your focus & energy?

That's why I designed my business at its core to be three things - 1) Simple 2) Honest 3) Effective

No one likes to sell, and worse is to feel like you've "been sold." It's much better when you can enter an agreement as equal business partners - and the only way to do this is to provide real value to each other.

Whether you're looking to get more Leads, more Customers, or simply more Sales, I can help.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution that we force our customers into. Each strategy is unique and catered to the results that you want to achieve.

How We Get Results

Step 1: Strategize
Step 2: Deliver
Step 3: Evaluate & Scale

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